El curtmetratge STOP, de l’INS Narcís Monturiol, guanya el Premi Peacemaker al Festival Plural+ de Nova York

STOP és un producte del programa “Barcelona Aula Mòbil”, de l’Institut d’Educació de Barcelona, desenvolupat pel Col·legi Professional de l’Audiovisual de Catalunya (CPAC). En l’edició 2016-17 el tema tractat ha estat la Diversitat sexual i de gènere.

El CPAC dóna l’enhorabona als joves creadors per la seva implicació i la feina ben feta:

Judith Morales, Youssef Rabouz, Tom Ybargüengoitia, Júlia Gavin, Victoria Collazos, Martín Sanz, Daniel Gavrilov, Abril Pérez.

Mira aquí el curtmetratge

Mira aquí la notícia a la web de l’Ajuntament de Barcelona


Barcelona, a 30 de novembre de 2017. – Peacemaker Corps Association an NGO with ECOSCO status at the United Nations which produces the annual Peace in the Streets Global Film Festival, today announced that (name of the local winner of the 2017 festival & name of the film). (place won) will receive their awards at the United Nations on November 9th at the annual award ceremony .


  • This year’s entries were received from 14 countries and 6 continents
  • Participants are all under 18 years old, with 3 age categories: under 8, 9-13 , 14-18
  • Theme : Peace in the Streets from the youth’s point of view.
  • www.PSGFF.com website provides comprehensive training, social media marketing, and technical assistance
  • Guests attending the Award luncheon Includes UN dignitaries, NYC officials, Parents and friends of the winners, and supporters of the festival
  • Peacemaker Corps is 20 years old focused on Story-telling, Active Listening leading to Restorative justice.
  • The UN provides a global network that offers winners opportunities for collaboration with other film makers around the world offering solutions to make peace.



Website: www.PSGFF.org, www.peacemakercorps.org
About Peacemaker Corps and the Peace in the Streets Global Film Festival

The Peacemaker Corps Association (PCA) was founded in 1997 to support the United Nations mission to promote peace, tolerance and nonviolent conflict resolution around the world. As one of its key strategic initiatives, PCA sponsors the annual international Peace in the Streets Global Film Festival (PSGFF) for youth 18 and under worldwide.  This year we received entries from 16 countries from 6 continents.


PSGFF empowers young people who otherwise would not have access to filmmaking technologies or a stage upon which to express their ideas, innovative approaches, and individual voices.  Our programs give future peacemakers here in the US and across the globe a voice by providing them with filmmaking and storytelling skills and technical tools which provides a path to change the world in innovative ways so they may build meaningful lives for themselves, their communities, and all who are touched by their stories. There is no more powerful way of conveying this meaning than through the stories of children.

PCA-PSGFF helps children become ambassadors of peace and prevention of violence by providing them with technical training, filmmaking tools and equipment, and mentorship.


Media Contact: Peacemaker Corps Exécutive Director of the Film Festival Suzanne Harvey Suzanne@psgff.com

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